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Edge of Space and Supersonic Aerobatics Flight on a MiG Fighter

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Service update 25 April 2018: no flights on MiG fighters for tourists are operating at the moment until further notice. However you can enjoy an aerobatics flight on a L-39 trainer.​

Fly to the Edge of Space! Supersonic Speeds and Aerobatics!
Astonishing Earth views from 20-23 km up
This is the “SPACE Programme” on a MiG-29 fighter

High altitude Edge of Space Flights are now performed on a MiG-29 fighter. Guided by one of Russia's top certified test pilots, you have a breathtaking take off with afterburners blazing, and travel at more than twice the speed of sound. From the cockpit you can observe the Earth from a tremendous altitude, up to 23 km, and look directly into the depths of space. Confirm for yourself that the Earth really is round, and join the stars for an instant! 

You’ll be astonished to see the boundary between the sky and space, the curvature of the Earth with a layer of white around it, a blue band on the horizon and the sky getting gradually darker. Don’t forget to take your camera; that spectacular view won’t last! Feel the adrenaline rush as you reach the edge of space at supersonic speeds!

As the flight is currently performed on a MiG-29 fighter your flight programme also includes aerobatics – nothing can beat the experience!

Most suitable for: customers looking for visual impressions and astonishing views of Earth from almost the altitude of space. This flight is also suitable for adventurous people who want experience a thrilling adrenaline rush, with extensive aerobatic manoeuvres. However if you are a senior traveler or want to avoid more dramatic physical challenges you can opt for a calmer flight and not include supersonic aerobatics and high G-loads.

Location: Nizhny Novgorod (400 km from Moscow). Locate on the map
Aerobatics: Rolls, Immelmans, Loops, Split-S, Climbing, Diving, Tailslides, Low-Level flight over the runway. View aerobatics catalogue.
Speed: Supersonic. Read more about speed and G-force
Space flight: Yes, fly to the stratosphere
Optional: Professional DVD movie and photos (with some footage done from the camera installed in the cockpit), tailor-made pilot suit
Price: Price & Inclusions

Watch the summary of your programme on the day of your MIG flight

Sokol Aircraft Building Plant in Nizhny Novgorod (400 km from Moscow) is the only place in the whole world where you can fly a real modern military fighter MiG-29. The package is quite flexible and can be re-designed by the pilot depending on your experience of the flight. You will have constant intercom connection with you pilot. Don’t think that these flights are only for physically strong young men. We have substantial experience of organising them for 65-year old men, as well as for women of all ages, all of whom coped well and loved the experience.

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