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MiG-29 Fulcrum. Fly MIG-29 in Russia. Supersonic aerobatics and edge of space flights

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The MiG-29 (NATO code Fulcrum) is one of the advanced combat airplanes in the Russian Air Force representing the 4th generation jet fighter aircraft. It was designed for gaining the air superiority role in the Soviet Union in the early 80-s. MiG-29 has become the first aircraft in the world of this class combining the unsurpassed efficiency in agile air fights and attack of enemy with middle and short range missiles. While designing the MiG-29 aircraft very high capabilities for the aircraft improvement have been laid into its structure that made it possible to create a number of modifications. 

The MiG-29 is probably the most well-known fighter jet amongst military officers. Being one of the most advanced airplanes in the world, it has turbojet engines, possesses an advantageous proportion of mass and power, an excellent aerodynamics and a wonderful view from the cockpit. The MiG-29 is equipped with two RD-33 turbofan engines. The MiG-29 is the world's first aircraft fitted with dual-mode air intakes: during flight air is fed into the engines; while moving on the ground, the air intakes are closed and air is fed through the upper surface of the wing to prevent ingestion of foreign objects from the runway. All these above characteristics make the aircraft maximum effective in an aerial combat. The basic version of the MiG-29 aircraft is intended for destruction with missiles and built-in gun of all types of air targets in simple and adverse weather conditions in look-up and look-down including the jamming conditions. The MiG-29 aircraft is capable to destruct ground targets using rockets within the field of vision. To prepare and train the MiG-29 aircraft pilots the MiG-29UB two-seat combat trainer has been developed and since 1985 serially produced on the basis of the one-seat combat fighter. The airborne radar is not installed on it and it is provided the simulation modes to practice the application of missiles with radar homing heads. MiG–29 is comparable on size and assigned tasks with the American F-16 and F/A-18 fighters. 

MiG-29 has become the main fighter in the Russian Air Force with different modifications currently operated in more then 25 countries all over the world (such as Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cuba, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, North Korea, Peru, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and some others), in most of them it has become the main type of a light front-line fighter of the national Air Force. 

There are currently several upgrade programmes conducted by the Russian Air Force for MiG-29 fighters which envisage: upgrading of the avionics suite to comply with NATO / ICAO ( standards, extension of the aircraft service life to 4,000 flight hours (40 years), upgrading combat capabilities and reliability, safety enhancements. In 2005 the Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG” started production of new unified family of multi-role fighters of the 4++ generation (aircraft-carrier based MiG-29K, front-line MiG-29M and MiG-35 fighters). Please click here to read more about Brand-new unificated family of fighters and MiG-29 upgrading programmes

Key characteristics of MiG-29: 
Length, m 17.32  Maximum G-load  9
Wing span, m 11.36  Flight range, km:  
Height, m 4.73  - without drop tanks  1,500
Take-off weight, kg:    - with 3 drop tanks  2,900
- standard 14,900  Weapons:  
- maximum 18,000  Number of external stations  6
Maximum flight speed, km/h:    "A-A" missiles:  
- near ground 1,500  - middle range  2хR-27R1
- at high altitude 2,400  - short range  6хR-73E
Service ceiling, m 18,000  Air gun, 30 mm  GSh-301

Read more about MIG brand new unificated family of “4++” generation fighters and upgrade programmes.
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