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Russian and International Military Fighter Jets and Trainers. Fly a Fighter Jet as a Pilot

It started in 1825 when Alexandr Fyodorovich Mozhaisky, Russian navy officer, aviation researcher, and inventor of heavier-than-air-craft was born. Although the first flying machine designed by him was not a success he was without any doubt the world aviation pioneer.

The first Russian fighter jet I-1 was developed by Nikolay Polikarpov in 1925. It was a single-seat cantilever low-wing monoplane fighter also known as I-400 due to its 400 hp engine. The first fighter flight ended in a crash but the plane was rebuilt with minor modifications. Its successor I-5 developed in 1930 was the first Russian fighter jet that entered serial production and was extensively used at the beginning of the WWII mainly as an attack aircraft.

And almost two hundred years later thousands of aircraft models have been invented ranging from light gliders to heavy supersonic bombers and fighter - interceptors.

Strange as it may seem, but now you can fly a jet just for fun without even any practical pilot experience. There are many local flying schools offering private flights on light aviation where you can even try basic aerobatic manoeuvres.

But many people do not even imagine that it is possible to fly a fighter jet without any special training or service in the national air force.

Below you will find detailed information on military aircraft currently available for private fighter flights. These are mainly Russian fighter jets or military trainers used in the Russian Air Force. 

We do welcome your suggestions, please contact us if you wish to book a fighter flight or you have valuable information on military private flights.

Fly a fighter jet with and experience sensational feelings! 

Choose your aircraft and a fighter flight programme below:

 About MiG-25 Foxbat Fighter
 Flights by MiG-25
 About MiG-29 Fulcrum Fighter
 Flights by MiG-29
 About MiG-31 Foxhound Fighter
 Flights by MiG-31
MiG-25 high-altitude fighter interceptor MiG-29 Supersonic Aerobatics MiG-31 interceptor
 About L-39 Albatros Trainer
 Flights by L-39

 About English Electric Lightning
 Flights by English Electric Lightning

L-39 Albatros English Electric Lightning

Please click on the images above to read more about MIG fighters and L-39 trainer.
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