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Flight programmes on military fighters and trainers: MiG-29, MiG-31, L-39

We have designed two basic MiG flight programmes for you: Sky (MiG-29) and Space (MiG-31). They offer very different packages, and focus on different experiences. We also appreciate that you may be longing to experience a jet flight, but have a limited budget. In this case we offer you our Trainer programme on the L-39 (Albatros) which is widely used for military training.

Explore the sky and experience thrilling aerobatic maneuvers, from the standard to the most advanced, depending on your physical condition - with the MiG-29 Fulcrum! This programme comes in two flight packages of varying duration, 25 minutes and 45 minutes. The maximum acceleration you experience during this flight may reach 7-8 G, with a minimum of 3-4 G. However, the flight package is quite flexible and can be re-designed by the pilot based on how you feel during the flight. You will have constant intercom connection with you pilot. Please don’t think that these flights are only for physically strong young men. We have substantial experience of organising such flights for 65-year old men, as well as for women of all ages, all of whom coped well with all the G-loads and loved the experience.

Most suitable for: customers who want experience a thrilling adrenaline rush, and enjoy unique, extensive aerobatic manoeuvres and high G-loads. 
Explore space and observe our planet from above (23 km up) with the MiG-31 Foxhound. The unique high-altitude MiG-31 fighter-interceptor (an up-to-date analogue of MiG-25) will let you fly to the edge of space. Based on our previous experience with such flights, you won’t experience any G-load sensations at all! What you will experience is the amazing feeling of seeing the boundary between the sky and space, and the curvature of the Earth, with a layer of white around it, a blue band on the horizon and the sky getting gradually darker. Yes, you are right: this is exactly what the cosmonauts see from their space shuttle!

Most suitable for: customers looking for visual impressions and astonishing views of Earth from almost the altitude of space. Compared to the MiG-29, this is a calm flight, with no high G-loads or aerobatic manoeuvres. Especially recommended for senior travellers and anyone who wants to avoid the more dramatic physical challenges.
The L-39 Albatros was selected in 1972 as the standard jet trainer for the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries and is currently the official training jet of the Russian Air force. The L-39 is a single engine, two seater, all-metal, subsonic aircraft. It is an amazingly easy aircraft to fly, with excellent back-up systems. This programme is currently offered at a separate airbase, at Vjazma, near Moscow.

Most suitable for: customers who want the feel jet flight at supersonic speed. Lesser budgetary requirements. 

Your MiG Adventure will take place at Nizhny Novgorod, at the Sokol Aircraft Building Plant. (Please note that from 1993 – 2005, fighter flights were offered at the Zhukovsky Air Base near Moscow, which is now officially closed for these operations). Despite its military status, the Sokol plant has all the facilities needed to offer comfortable private fighter flights. It features a 3.5 km runway (over 2 miles), a flight centre with medical examination room, changing room, classroom for flight briefings, guest lounge (with TV, billiards and table tennis) and shower rooms. In the grounds of the plant there is also the fascinating Chkalov Air Museum, which we recommend you visit either before or after your flight. 


Besides the MiG experience we can offer some exciting additional excursions, also related to the aviation and space industry. They include visits to Star City or the Open Air Museum of Aviation in Monino, near Moscow. You are also welcome to explore the distinctive Russian culture and discover its unique history with our sightseeing tours. Please view a detailed list of options here.
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