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MIG Upgrade Programmes

RAC «MiG» serially produce the multifunctional «4++» generation fighters from the new unificated family.

The MiG-29K/KUB ship borne fighters are the core aircraft of the new family featuring enhanced airframe with the substantial share of composite materials, digital, integrated fly-by-wire system with four-fold redundancy, essentially reduced radar signature, improved fuel system capacity and increased combat load.

The MiG-29K/KUB are fitted with the advanced multifunctional multimode pulse-Doppler onboard radar "Zhuk-ME", the modern multi-channel optic-location station and target-designation system for the passive anti-radar missiles. The fighters' avionics suite open architecture allows integration of the new Russian and foreign-made equipment and armament onboard the aircraft.

The fighters' weapons suite includes guided «air-to-air» and «air-to-ground» missiles, smart aerial bombs, unguided rockets and bombs, and built-in 3D-MM gun. Upon the customer's request it is feasible to introduce new armament into the weapons suite.

The MiG-29K/KUB are serially produced for the Indian Navy.

The MiG-29M and MiG-29M2 are the multifunctional fighters of the “4++” generation featuring extended flight range, increased combat load and expanded weapon nomenclature. With respect to the airframe, avionics and weapons suites' composition the MiG-29M/M2 are similar to the MiG-29K/KUB fighters.

The MiG-35 and MiG-35D are the multi-purpose fighters of the “4++” generation representing the advanced version of the MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M/M2 fighters with respect to the increased combat effectiveness, true versatility and improved operational performance. The degree of the 5th generation technologies implementation onboard the MiG-35/MiG-35D is unprecedented in the Old World.

The MiG-35 carries the new-gen multifunctional radar «Zhuk-AE» with the active phased array. Multi-channel built-in and conformal optic-location stations of the MiG-35/MiG-35D ensure round-the-clock combat readiness within and beyond visual range.

The MiG-35/MiG-35D are equipped with the self-defence suite ensuring the electronic reconnaissance and warfare, missile attack warning and laser warning, counteraction dispensing (chaff and flare).

In addition to the armament employed by the MiG-29K/KUB and the MiG29M/M2 some perspective types of ordnance, which were not offered for export earlier, are being introduced into the MiG-35/MiG-35D weapons suite. Among them there are long-range weapons to attack targets without entering the adversary's air defence zone.

The MiG-29M OVT super manoeuvrable developmental fighter has been developed on the basis of the MiG-29M prototype to serve as a flying test bed for the RD-33 engine with all-aspect thrust vector deflection (OVT). The thrust vector control is fully integrated into the aircraft digital fly-by-wire system.

The MiG-29M OVT boasts super manoeuvrability as the new quality for combat aircraft. Super manoeuvrability is an aircraft capacity to change the direction of its longitudinal axis and weapon axis regardless of flight direction.

The OVT engine is offered as an optional solution for the MiG-29M/M2 and the MiG-35/35D fighters that can acquire super manoeuvrable properties with the installation of RD-33 OVT engine onboard. 


The Air Forces of Russia and of 28 states worldwide are operating over 1600 MiG-29 fighters. RAC “MiG” proceeds with series production of the MiG-29 improved versions and successfully introduces the MiG-29 comprehensive upgrade programmes aimed at improving operation efficiency vs. cost ratio.

MiG-29SD - air dominance fighter adapted to meet NATO/lCAO standards. The MiG-29SD are fitted with the new radio communication, navigation and state identification systems by BAE Systems (United Kingdom), Rockwell Collins (USA) and other companies. In February 2008 the Slovakian Air Force inducted 12 MiG-29 fighters upgraded as per SD configuration.

MiG-29SM - multifunctional fighter with the enhanced avionics suite and expanded high-precision weapons nomenclature able to destroy aerial and ground (sea) targets. While developing the MiG-29SM modification the major attention was paid to the reduction of the upgrading cost and timeframes. The equipment required for the MiG-29 retrofitting to the MiG-29SM version as well as the corresponding software have been tested on the aircraft, being serially produced and operated by the customer.

MiG-29SMT - large-scale upgrading of the MiG-29 to the multifunctional fighter of the “4+” generation with the open-architecture avionics and continuously expanded high-precision weapons arsenal.

The aircraft features "Zhuk-ME" radar. The MiG-29SMT cockpit instrumentation includes two large-format multifunctional displays; the controls are organized as per the HOTAS concept. Weapons arsenal includes cutting-edge high-precision «air-to-ground» armament. The MiG-29SMT is serially produced since 2004 and the deliveries to the customers are under way. RAC “MiG” also upgrades earlier supplied aircraft to the MiG-29SMT configuration.
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